What we do

At the heart of our philosophy are the play of sustainable materials, conscious designs, and premium quality.

As a full-service company, Adrian Bleschke GmbH is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived at the beginning with our clients are manifest at the end of our architectural journey. We achieve this through collaboration with our team and trustful partners, contractors, trades, and artisans.

We have vast experience, on projects large and small, residential and commercial, whether it is for housing, offices, restaurants or stores.

Our approach considers a project through the aspirations of our client but always asks what carefully selected, and eco-friendly materials can bring to our vision of architecture and designs.

How we think

Architecture and design are an accumulation of many moments of satisfaction that support our well-being.

In today’s fast world, people have fallen into a continuous loop of pressure and deadlines that force stress and burn-outs. They are not following their natural senses and become determined by artificially set timings and technology. We believe in the opportunity of architecture and design to overcome these stressors and nudge people to positive health behaviors and well-being. Well-being is a sustainable condition that allows people to develop professionally, personally, and interpersonally.

Architecture and design provide physically (i.e. color and materials) and thermally comfortable environments that are safe, well-lit, quiet, and have clean air to support living, learning, and working.

Architecture and design provide spaces and create opportunities for people to connect, individually and for a wider community. 

Architecture and design provide stimuli to be active by distributing functions over different floor levels, exercise spaces, and engaging experiences along circulation routes.

Architecture and design provide art, planting, and landscaping, so people are urged to stop, sit, and take notice of their environment.

Architecture and design, through form, space, and materiality, have the potential to improve our sense of well-being, enrich our lives, make our lives healthier and more pleasurable.